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Great White Sharks Are Being Hunted – And Not By Humans

So far, five great whites have been found washed up since May this year, all with their livers removed by orca. © Marine Synamics/Dyer Island Conservation Trust By Josh Davis With their massive size, rows of razor sharp teeth, and emotionless eyes, many consider great white sharks to be the ultimate predator. But even these incredible animals have to watch their ...

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Remember When Civil Rights Groups Wanted Police Bodycams? Look At What They’re Saying Now.

Remember when civil rights advocates demanded accountability from police and wanted them to wear bodycams? Those bodycams cost police departments a good chunk of money. But now, a group called The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights avers that bodycams pose a “threat to civil rights.” They released a titled, “The Illusion of Accuracy: How Body-Worn Camera Footage Can ...

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Conspiracy theorists claim Nibiru will destroy Earth

Conspiracy theorists are yet again convinced that the world is about to end thanks to the mysterious plant Nibiru. Nibiru was meant to destroy Earth on September 23 after a Christian numerologist claimed it was about to collide with our planet.  After the prediction flopped, some have claimed Nibiru will instead trigger apocalyptic earthquakes on November 19 that will obliterate ...

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